Lab News

5/20/2021: Welcome Mr. Tejas Karun to join the lab as a Richard Barber Interdisciplinary Research Fellow.

4/30/2021: Iris received a 2021-22 University Research Grant from WSU. We appreciate the support!

4/30/2021: Mr. Stephen Hippleheuser successfully defended his master thesis for graduation. Congratulations!

2/1/2021: Welcome Dr. Zhenfeng Song to join the lab as a postdoctoral fellow.

12/15/2020: Welcome Ms. Jessica Zhao to join the lab for her medical school research elective program.

11/6/2020: Last day for Shaobin. We wish him the best in his future endeavor in China!

8/14/2020: Welcome Dr. Yi Xiong to join the lab as a research associate.

6/8/2020: Phase-one reopening for the lab! 

3/20/2020: Lab closed down due to COVID-19. We will be working from home and look forward to the day when life comes back to normal.

2/17/2020: Welcome Ms. Nusrat Jahan Tushi to join the lab as a CMMG PhD graduate student.

12/1/2019: Welcome Mr. Stephen Hippleheuser to join the lab as a CMMG MS graduate student.

11/1/2019: Welcome Mr. Shaobin Feng to join the lab as a visiting graduate student.

7/1/2019: Welcome Ms. Pattaraporn (Patty) Thepsuwan to join the lab as a research assistant.

7/1/2019: First day of Sun lab!

Stephen's graduation (5/7/2021)